Whiskey and Cigar Night at Falls Church Distillery

Hosted by: Falls Church Distillers                                                    Date & time: March 2, 2020 7-11PM

Address: 442-A South Washington Street, Falls Church VA 22046

Price: $250 per ticket                                          Email: [email protected] to reserve your seat(s)

Includes: Heavy appetizer buffet, cigars, unlimited beer & wine

Whiskey flights (1 oz pours of each)


Buffalo Trace

Age: 8+ years                                Proof 90                          Retail Price: $35

Sweet and mellow with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and toffee. Light amounts of oak and rye spice round out the palate



Age: 6-8 years                              Proof: 93                         Street Price: $95

Sweet, with notes of citrus and oak. The creamy vanilla nose is teased with caramel and butterscotch, all underscored by familiar baking spices such as clove, nutmeg, or cinnamon.


George T Stagg Bourbon

Age: 15 years                               Proof: 116.9                   Street Price: $650

Wood is upfront followed by a cavalcade of dark sweets, dried dark fruit, spice, sweet tobacco and leather. Like with the nose it’s a dense complex flavor. A bit of water surfaces light notes of vanilla and burnt chocolate.


Pappy Van Winkle 12 year

Age: 12 years                               Proof: 90.4                      Street Price: $650

Cherry, fruit punch, cinnamon, buttery mouthfeel. This is where the “Pappy” taste really shines. ‍Finish: Spice, vanilla, oak, some dryness.


Whistle Pig 18 year

Age: 18 years                               Proof: 92                         Retail Price: $400

Elegant and spicy, mildly fruity, and pleasantly floral.  Vanilla and oak notes appear with time.


McCallan Rare Cask

Age: 17-21 years                         Proof: 86                         Retail Price: $300

Spices lead loud and full, tempered by raisin. Timeless, polished, rich and resonating oak takes control, as vanilla and chocolate complement each other in the background, ending with a light citrus zest.




Cigar Paired Whiskies

Dalmore Cigar Malt

Age: 12 years                               Proof: 88                         Retail Price: $200

Strong, creamy malt notes, kettle corn, tobacco, charred oak, raisin bread, cereal grains, light amount of leather. Palate: Robust, with notes of bitter citrus, toffee, custard, caramel, chocolate chips. Buttery mouthfeel.


Willett Bourbon Pot Still Reserve

Age: 8-10 Years                           Proof: 94P                       Retail Price: $60

Aroma of brown sugar, molasses and caramel. Hints of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, butterscotch and mild coffee. Sweet, smooth finish.


Cigars hosted by Fortaleza y Libre Cigars Inc.

Larger pours and a choice of complimentary cigars with this spirit.

Smoking starts at 9:30PM


Bodacious Ecuadorean Habano Wrapper

Age: 24-36 months      Strength: Medium       Origin: Dominican              Retail Price: $10.00

Pre-light this cigar is elegant with a smooth/tan wrapper reminiscent of saddle leather. At first draw you’ll notice the flavors of Tamboril, DR. A background of field and leather married to a hint of black pepper (there is more pepper here than you might expect from a Dominican cigar), citrus and floral essence. As you hit the second third the pepper fades slightly while white oak, toast and coffee join the party. Some even taste a touch of white sugar. This cigar might get lost in a barrel proof bourbon or Islay Scotch but finds a ready home when paired with anything 90 proof or lower. For the heartier bunch this goes well with coffee and a view of the sunrise.


Bushwacker Mexican San Andres Wrapper

Age: 36-48 months      Strength: Med/Full      Origin: Dominican               Retail Price: $11.50

The first thing you’ll notice is the dark San Andres wrapper which even on the cold draw prepares you for what is to come.  The San Andres wrapper has a large influence on this blend, bringing its rich undertones of leather, earth and wood as soon as fire hits the foot. As you smoke through the first third, you’ll start to notice more of the nuance provided in the Dominican Pilato Cubano core of the cigar with flavors of coffee, dark cocoa and even some spice. This cigar will make fast friends with hearty or high proof bourbons and whiskeys. With this level of strength and complexity, if you are having 2 cigars, this should be your second.